About Me

I have been passionate about Psychedelics for many years, with mushrooms being on top of that list.

However, like most, I never liked the physical way I felt afterwards. With the development of the gummies, we are able to create a clean and healthy feel with no "hangover" or "gut rot" feel.

All the positive benefits with no negative physical feelings! Yes Please!

This is more than just a party. It is a true passion ! Enjoy.


Mon, Weds, Sat mornings - microdose 125 mgs.
(3 months) Switch to - Mon, Weds, sat mornings - Low dose 250mgs.
(1 Month) Then 2 weeks off. Then repeat.
"optional - after the 2 weeks off, macrodose 1 - 2 grams for 1000 - 2000 mgs) Then additional 2 weeks off. Then start over with the microdose.
Stamets protocol.
Fladman protocol.


1 gram gummies offering a consistent high width no come down, no having over or gut rod feel. Very clean.
No organic plant matter just extracted psilocybin and psilocin concenterate.