C-99 (Hybrid)


Cinderella 99 (AKA C-99 or Cindy 99) is a Sativa dominant hybrid that has become very popular on the west coast of Canada. Cinderella 99 is best known for her potent cerebral high and sweet fruity flavors.

Cindy’s effects are usually described as dreamy, euphoric, and uplifting. Medical marijuana patients use the effects of Cinderella 99 to relieve symptoms associated with fatigue and stress.


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3 reviews for C-99 (Hybrid)

  1. Caroline B. (verified owner)

    Bought for my hubby – will review soon

  2. Monsieur Pogo (verified owner)

    Excellent ! Cinq étoiles !

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I am not smoking weed but eat it instead. After careful decarboxylation, I ingested 325 g and waited about 2 hours to reach it’s peak. Very potent to say the least but probably not the strain I am looking for.

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