Psilocybin Microdose Gummies

With our extraction techniques we have perfected the art of extracting psilocybin from the mushroom and creating amazing tasting gummies with it.

The gummies we create contain no organic material (no mushrooms) and only the extracted psilocybin. Combining this with our premium gummy recipe makes for a great tasting, easy to consume product.

We offer two strengths of our Psilocybin Gummies, “micro” dose for new users and people with low tolerance, and “low” dose for experienced users and people with higher tolerance.

Each pouch contains 30 gummies. This should last about three months based on a “on-off-off” schedule (one gummy every third day).


(17 customer reviews)
(17 customer reviews)



We recommend dosing yourself three times a week, or every 2-3 days, starting with a microdose (.125g or 125mg).  We also recommend consuming in the morning, that way the effects will last all day, and not interfere with your sleep. The residual effect of the microdose should last into the next day, and possibly linger into the third day as well. This is why we recommend a 2-3 day cycle.


Psilocybin – like other psychedelics – has the tendency to build a tolerance. Over time you may notice less effect when taking the same dosage. Eventually, with continued microdosing, it is likely you will have to up the dosage from a ‘micro’ dose to a ‘low’ dose. We refer to a ‘micro’ dose as a dose of roughly .125g or 125mg of mushrooms – and a ‘low’ dose as dose of roughly .25g or 250mg of mushrooms. This page is showing our low dose gummies.

Tolerance buildup varies greatly from one person to another, it is up to you to determine your required dosage level. With multiple strengths to choose from, our products make it easy to determine and consume the correct dosage required for the microdose effect.


Micro Dose (125mg), Low Dose (250mg)

17 reviews for Psilocybin Microdose Gummies

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  2. Julia Morin (verified owner)

    I did not receive my order

  3. Cindy A. (verified owner)

    Like them a lot

  4. Peter (verified owner)

    Great brain food

  5. Cindy (verified owner)

    These work pretty well.

  6. Luc Boivin (verified owner)

    Need bigger dosage great product

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    See above

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  9. Matthew B. (verified owner)

    I received the wrong product, contacted the company and received no response after 5 days. The value of what i received is significantly less that what i ordered and paid for.

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    Je recommande fortement

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  13. Rae K. (verified owner)

    Great stuff. I am doing so well. My depression has become quite manageable and my days are just better. My psychiatrist approves!

  14. charlie (verified owner)

    Amazing product

  15. Michelle O. (verified owner)

    Great product! Highly recommend!!

  16. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Amazing quality

  17. Kayo (verified owner)

    These are awesome. I’ll be recommending them to my friends.

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