B+ Cubensis

B+ Cubensis are some of the most popular magic mushrooms in the world! Since the late 1980’s/early 1990’s the B+ strain has been highly sold, partly due to the resiliency and versatility of the strain, with the ability to grow in many varying conditions and substrates. It is an aggressive growing strain with fruits over 10″ tall in some cases.

B+ is a go-to strain for many people. Consistent, quality psychedelic experience.

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All of our dry magic mushrooms are grown using local, organic mushroom farmers who focus on quality control and providing the best possible product. Everything from the substrate to the culture uses the highest quality ingredients available. This combined with the cultivation techniques that have been perfected over many years, we are able to provide some of the highest quality psilocybin mushrooms on the market.


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7 reviews for B+ Cubensis

  1. Amelie P. (verified owner)

    Haven’t tried these yet but considering my previous trips with other strains ordered from this website, I can’t see why they would be anything but awesome.

  2. cassandre (verified owner)

    Took 2g and had an amazing time! Not too strong but definitely not boring. I recommend this strain for beginners. Will order again!

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)


  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Thanks again for the excellent products and the free Gummies! A nice surprise….

  5. Mélissa B. (verified owner)

    Nice vibe. Like it 🙂

  6. Orion (verified owner)

    caBritish Columbia, Canada

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    These are the tried and true strain. When I think back to my previous years, golden teachers are the strain I grew up with. Perfect for any inexperienced person who’s curious about a mushroom trip.

  7. nylonblitz

    Haven’t seen many reviews on this site or anything such yet so I thought to place my thoughts here.

    The B+ strain here is not much a focus on visuals or touch but really potent on the relaxation and calmness that it brings to not just the mind but the body as well. Don’t get me wrong, there are unique visual artifacts but for me, took me about more moderate doses to get the very noticeable visual effects but you’ll still get some even with small doses. Honestly, the experience is so much more relaxing and wonderful to rest on a couch or bed and watch some tv or play some games in the moment. This is actually something you can take and be productive throughout the day at home. I was still able to focus on hobbies like games and programming just fine so if your looking for something for a psychedelic for a more body like high and still be productive, this is the one I highly recommend personally.

    For me, it was very easy to settle down in the moment and enjoy myself. Since the experience is so relaxing and enjoyable, there is little concern for anything that would be intense compared to other strains. Although I must say that it’s heavily recommended you start low if your a beginner in psychedelics. In my personal opinion, this can be a good option for someone to start off. It still gives you the feelings and build up like any other shroom strain but it’s significantly gradual and gentle that it’d be difficult for you to be taken off guard while taking B+. However it’s best to assume that everyone is different and even if it’ was gradual for me, may hit you later or sooner within an hour or two. So best be aware of that. Everyone is different.

    In summary, from my experience in taking a variety of doses with this. It’s great for meditation, productive work at appropriate low to moderate doses, and overall really nice for a comfortable experience. May not be the most visual of the bunch but certainly amazing for what you feel, smell, and touch. My favourite moment is laying down in a couch with blankets and pillows and my goodness I was in bliss.

    This is the first time I bought from this site and I’m definitely impressed with the service and quality of the product.

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