Psilocybin Gummies

Psilocybin Gummies

We have spent the last few years perfecting the art of extracting pure psilocybin from mushrooms and turning it into liquid, and then creating great tasting psilocybin gummies out of the liquid! Listed below are some of the benefits to consuming our gummies rather than traditional mushrooms.

  • -Each gummy is equal to one gram of cubensis mushrooms
  • -Much easier to digest, no more ‘gut rot’
  • -No more muscle aches and cramps
  • -Tastes much better than eating raw mushrooms
  • -Fast acting – hits you within 30-45 minutes
  • -Much nicer comedown, no sick feeling, no hangover
  • -Only lasts half as long as regular shrooms – making it much easier to control the length of your high


(135 customer reviews)
(135 customer reviews)


Since you are no longer consuming raw mushroom spores, the digestion process is much smoother. Traditional mushroom spores have a natural defense mechanism, in order to not be eaten, that makes them quite uncomfortable to the stomach. Our product does a great job in alleviating that downside because it has been processed down to the point where there is virtually no more organic material. So the common “gut rot” is basically non-existant. Same thing with the muscle cramps/aches that are usually associated with mushroom consumption.

Our gummies provide a much more ‘controllable’ high, as the effects last roughly half as long as traditional mushrooms. Not to mention, you dont have to weigh the mushrooms to dose yourself, and the guessing game between caps and stems is no longer an issue.

They are also much faster-acting than traditional mushrooms as well. Effects are felt within the first 20-30 minutes, with full effect kicking in about 45 minutes to 1 hour after consumption, continueing for about a 3 to 4 hour high. Each gummie contains roughly 1 gram of traditional cubensis mushroom.

The lingering after effects of traditional mushrooms can be quite a downer as well. After the high goes away, you are left with a weird lingering feeling for hours and hours, making it hard to go to sleep, or continue on with a normal day. Our gummies do not have this effect at all. It is easy to take multiple gummies at 8 oclock, and be completely sober again by 1 or 2am.

As you can see, our product is an attractive alternative to the traditional methods of consuming psilocybin. Try for yourself today! We are currently selling 7, 14, and 28 gram packs. If you would like more than this amount, or you are interested in becoming a distributer, feel free to contact our email listed below. We are also looking for instagram or youtube influencers to promote our product!

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 23 × 18 × 2 cm
Pack Size

3 Gummies / 3 Grams, 7 Gummies / 7 Gram, 14 Gummies / 14 Grams, 28 Gummies / 28 Grams, 100 Gummies / 100 Grams

135 reviews for Psilocybin Gummies

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)


  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Best product ever

  3. Cory (verified owner)

    Fast trip with no hangover

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Never a bad trip

  5. Melissa (verified owner)

    Just 1 gummy and you feel something, and it’s easy to control your high

  6. Megan Lutz (verified owner)

    I wish I got to try them

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Greatly recommend

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very disappointed. I was looking forward to trying this for the supposed quick and shorter-lasting effect plus predictability.

    However, I ended up taking 10 in the course of an afternoon with only minor effects (that would have been crazy if the 1g equivalent had been met). Most expensive level 1 trip ever.

    My partner ended up taking the other 4 and only got “medium” effects after 2 hours and lasted for 5 with an awful comedown.

    Quite the opposite of what was expected and advertised

  9. Kelly Tays (verified owner)


  10. Melissa (verified owner)

    Love those.

  11. Andrea Canada (verified owner)

    Love this product. It took effect very quickly!

  12. Cheryl (verified owner)

    These are amazing. No gut upset,high is mild, and last for a few hours as mentioned.

  13. Melissa (verified owner)

    Good product

  14. Lelah (verified owner)

    These were tasty and worked in 20 min. Lots of visuals with 3 grams.

  15. David (verified owner)

    Love ‘em

  16. Anonymous (verified owner)

    They were really good, will by again for sure!

  17. DAVID L. (verified owner)

    Worked very well!

  18. Geoff (verified owner)

    They have updated these gummies and they are very much improved. They were good before, they are excellent now. The new version of these gummies has a sugar coating which keeps them from being stuck together. They taste way better now and they pack a significant punch. The thing I like best about these gummies are their consistency. They are very reliable in terms of dosage. And it is very easy to do a bit more, you can easily cut these into quarters to get a quarter gram bumb if you just want a little extra. I can’t recommend this product highly enough.

  19. Cindy A. (verified owner)

    Like them a lot

  20. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Definitely buy again

  21. Caroline H. (verified owner)

    I’ve received my order within a week. The costumer service is fast too, got answered by email in less than an hour. And the new shaped gummies are so tasty! Love them !

  22. Ines B. (verified owner)

    These were amazing. Will buy again

  23. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Always excellent service and product.

  24. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

    Very easy going and easy to manage tolerance level

  25. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

    Love these!

  26. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Loved these. No gut rot, gas or discomfort. Just hours of laughing lakeside with friends. 10/10 will purchase again

  27. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Always good

  28. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I’ve had some absolute dud gummies before, but I’m happy to report that these ones have all been great!

  29. Anonymous (verified owner)

    It takes 2 gummies for a decent high.

  30. Anonymous (verified owner)

    These have been such an amazing tool for me as a Psychic Medium! To enhance my abilities and accelerate integration.

  31. Jared N. (verified owner)


  32. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great product!

  33. Sydney (verified owner)

    worked well

  34. Tyler L. (verified owner)

    Took 2 cubes, started feeling a bit after 40 mins but it was light and went away fast so I ate another gummy and it didn’t come back. I had the other 4 together a few days later and zero effect.

  35. Will (verified owner)

    Potency was good, back up to where I would expect

  36. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love being able to layer on as many as I want or keep it chill. Feel great for days

  37. Anonymous (verified owner)

    These are great. Providing such a calm yet powerful experience and easy on my body. I have such excellent therapeutic breakthroughs using psilocybin and am very grateful to have access to this ancient and effective medicine. Btw the new cherry flavour is so much better than the black licorice.

  38. Benoit (verified owner)

    Tried one without any effects…

  39. Anonymous (verified owner)

    90% good. Out of the many times I’ve tried, last batch of 2.5 cubes did absolutely nothing.

  40. Geoff (verified owner)

    I love the gummies because they are easy to divide into 1/4 or 1/2 grams for a bump and the price is excellent. I wish they were cut up more uniformly so that there was more consistency. Still for the price, this is the best value out there.

  41. Anonymous (verified owner)

    These were typically great 5 stars. However this recent batch was very subpar, about 1/3 the quality of what I’ve learned to expect. Would appreciate a refund or a new order to bring back my confidence in this otherwise amazing product.

  42. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Best way to get my trip on. Fast acting and delicious.

  43. Stefanie G. (verified owner)

    Great and low dose allows me to choose how much or little I want.

  44. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Je recommande fortement

  45. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great product!

  46. Geoff (verified owner)

    Good product, but the actual pieces are not of a consistent size

  47. Wendy B. (verified owner)

    These are great, 1 is enough for a fun time!

  48. Geoff (verified owner)

    I really like these as they are easy to divide in half a gram. I find them not quite perfectly consistent but I believe that is because the size of the gummies changes. Still a great product at a very reasonable price

  49. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Amazing product. Does not last as long, 4 hours or so. Absolutely zero stomach discomfort or negative comedown experience directly after or the days following.

  50. Gerald W. (verified owner)

    Highly Recommend!

  51. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very versatile and controllable. Short trip makes them great for gatherings and such. Highly recommended!

  52. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fun times with the ability to dose as you wish

  53. Caroline B. (verified owner)

    Awesome product – build your buzz – good times always !

  54. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love being able to cut them to have different amounts

  55. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love them

  56. Anonymous (verified owner)


  57. Geoff T. (verified owner)

    I’m impressed by the cost of the Psilly Snacks Gummies. I also find mixing the gummies with some actual shrooms to be a nice mix. It’s a very convenient product, particularly for the low price.

  58. LAURIE (verified owner)

    The Psilocybin Gummies are easy to use and have a nice flavour.

  59. Philip (verified owner)

    Still waiting for this order. It’s been over a month.

  60. slstevelang (verified owner)

    Got three of these as a gift for an order that was messed up. They corrected my order and sent me these. So good I just ordered an oz of them. Exactly as advertised, short trip, more of a party thing than a life experience. Amazing product!

  61. slstevelang (verified owner)

    Got three of these as a gift for an order that was messed up. They corrected my order and sent me these. So good I just ordered an oz of them. Exactly as advertised, short trip, more of a party thing than a life experience. Amazing product!

  62. Nicholas W. (verified owner)

    Expensive but worth it

  63. Tomas (verified owner)

    I love these. Super convenient for social outings. More of a euphoric body buzz than a deep visual journey though I’m sure popping a few more can get you there.

  64. April D. (verified owner)

    Still my favorite choice! Everyone asks where I get these. Take 1 or 2 and microdose or take 3-5 at a time for real good time. We find ourselves topping up if we want to keep the night going. Worth the price.

  65. Anonymous (verified owner)


  66. Robert (verified owner)

    Excellent for low doses while enjoying the company of friends. 1 gummy will lighten the mood with some warm euphoria without risking onset anxiety and stomach issues. Highly recommended for a safe alternative to more typical party oriented substances

  67. Geoff (verified owner)

    I’m pleased with these gummies, they come on stronger than flower and seem to ebb faster. Works better for me when taking them later in the evening

  68. Amanda (verified owner)

    Clean and energetic.

  69. Jamie (verified owner)

    They were all melted together when we got them. Did not like the taste.

  70. tim s. (verified owner)

    Consistent quality and I have never been disappointed with products from Canada shrooms

  71. Alexis (verified owner)

    Perfect buzz !!

  72. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I can handle the taste of mushrooms but the stomach ache is never pleasant. I was hoping to skip the stomach issues and just get the head clarity.
    They work in the sense that you can feel the psilocybin ( I took 3 squares). However I still felt the stomach churning very distracting to the whole experience. My partner who took from the same bag also felt sick.
    My personal experience is that they have half the gut rot than normal mushrooms, however the product still has a long way to go.

  73. Sean (verified owner)

    Taste isn’t offensive at all. Doesn’t last very long (about 1-2 hour high). Probably need to take more than you’re used to for the desired high.

  74. Eric H. (verified owner)

    Just Wow… thanks !!

  75. Lois B. (verified owner)

    Happy with the purchase.

  76. Jeff S. (verified owner)

    Have not tried yet!

  77. George Turner (verified owner)

    Great product

  78. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Will buy again!!!

  79. Kristy A. (verified owner)

    Well packaged, amazing product. Referred to me by an accomplished chef, who used to grow his own! No need anymore

  80. Tee Jay Awalt (verified owner)

    Gummies were all melted into one huge gummie

  81. Cristina (verified owner)

    These gummies are always my go-to and perfect for controlling desired dosage. I’ve been getting these products for a couple years now, even after trying other brands, these are 100% the best I’ve had.

  82. JUSTIN (verified owner)


  83. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Would expect more visuals from six gummies, didn’t last long enough. Overall good experience, will probably buy again.

  84. Tina (verified owner)

    Awesome!!! Thank you !!!!

  85. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Work very well, took 1 to try it out. It kicked it around 45min and last about 4 hours. Made the Micheal Keaton Doors movie hilarious

  86. Maude (verified owner)

    The taste of the gummies is pretty good, the high was fairly mild, only took one gummy to try first, will be taking more next time.

  87. Darrin (verified owner)

    Product was excellent! I have tried gummies from other suppliers, these are the best I’ve tried yet. Shipping was very quick, 48 hrs. BC to Ontario.

  88. David (verified owner)

    Never tried this before , interesting.

  89. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Had a great time! Lol

  90. Kevin (verified owner)

    Really great product. Took 4g for my first time using them and it was awesome. Felt like I was in a roller coaster of emotion and visual stimuli.

  91. Paul (verified owner)

    Great product! I’ve been using the psilocybin gummies and other micro dose capsules for a few years now and have always found the product to be consistent and reliable.

  92. J P. (verified owner)

    EDIT: They sent me replacements and they are plenty strong enough.

  93. Mélissa B. (verified owner)

    Just perfect ! Good and recommand for the first time!

  94. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Really professional packaging and product – Will be ordering again in the future!

  95. Clint C. (verified owner)

    My go to.

  96. Chantelle (verified owner)

    I have a very sensitive stomach so I still got a bit nauseous, and the gummies don’t taste great by any means, but I still prefer them to actual mushrooms. Worked well and I was able to go to bed and go to sleep at a reasonable time. Will definitely buy again.

  97. Cristina (verified owner)

    Awesome product, arguably the best on the market!

  98. Kyle (verified owner)

    Taste good, easy to consume. Great visuals with 5g. Highly recommend.

  99. Nicholas Wilson (verified owner)

    Easy to control my dose and I don’t get that gut rot feeling. Hits hard and faster and the high ends sooner.

  100. Kristine S. (verified owner)

    Always good

  101. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Consistent and easy to use.

  102. Leah M. (verified owner)

    Just like the website explains. Very nice smooth high. Didn’t last FOREVER. Was high for like an hour or so and then it wore off. Very nice. I felt more in control of my high.

  103. Michael (verified owner)

    Haven’t eaten them yet, but liked the last order.

  104. Love (verified owner)

    I enjoyed a total of 7 grams of these gummies, spread out over the course of about 12 hours. I began with 2 gummies and had another gummy about every hour or so until I ran out, and enjoyed a life altering, beautiful and transformative trip that began gently, peaked with soaring, sparkling intensity and wound down gently. Highly, highly recommended. I am ordering more.

  105. Jordan (verified owner)


    Potency :
    Visuals :
    Easy on the Stomach :
    Shipping Speed :
    Price/Value :

    Started with 2 gummies to test them and while it was not enough to feel any strong effects I will say I am looking to try probably 4 for me next dose.

  106. Anonymous (verified owner)

    caOntario, Canada

    Potency :
    Visuals :
    Easy on the Stomach :
    Shipping Speed :
    Price/Value :

    Amazing stuff!

  107. Anonymous (verified owner)

    caBritish Columbia, Canada

    Potency :
    Visuals :
    Easy on the Stomach :
    Shipping Speed :
    Price/Value :

    You guys have the best service and gummeies. I contacted you to ask if you ship to a PO Box and you promptly replied ” Yes!” . I highly recommend this product.

  108. nigel (verified owner)


    Potency :
    Visuals :
    Easy on the Stomach :
    Shipping Speed :
    Price/Value :

    had to take 3 for much of an effect but i did eventually get a fair effect and a good experience. will probably buy another product to test to potency against one another.

  109. Ian (verified owner)


    Potency :
    Visuals :
    Easy on the Stomach :
    Shipping Speed :
    Price/Value :


  110. Jim Brown

    absolutely phenomenal. it was my first trip ever and i took 2g and had one of the most profound experiences of my life. Very introspective with some mild visuals. Lasted about 3 hours. No shitty side effects either i feel great. THANK YOU

  111. Jean-François Caron (verified owner)

    Great product,I took just one for a little High sometimes when needed.

  112. Summer Harvey

    I just want to say amazing company and amazing gummies

  113. rene (verified owner)

    I tried mushrooms when I was younger, yet i remember my stomach feeling funny and uneasy. Thus i never really did mushrooms. Many years later I decided to give these a chance, due to its claims of no gut rot. – Wow Am I impressed!
    1.) Super CLEAN!!! Experience! – But Why? – Once you take a gummy, it seemlessly & naturally, blends into your reality! – There is no jarring, jolting, strange, or intense wave that comes over you! Just a gentle sensation, that slowly blends into your experience. The experience is very stable, not any waves of highs and lows, it is very consistent throughout the whole experience, and simply disappears without a trace, and ZERO comedown or crashing! – Within 4- 5 hours, you are totally fine! – I notice very clean headed space with this product. – We went to the beach and took one of these each!… And within 1 hour, we felt amazing, and everything looked beautiful, warm and fuzzy! – Yet with no mental distortion at all! – Extremely clear headed, maybe even more clear headed than being Sober! – I say this because there was a very insightful energy that envelopes you, when you take these! – Amazing for looking deep within and finding joy in life again! – It make you right with life again! – This product is truly a GOD SEND! – I thank the makers of this product! – I feel truly blessed!

  114. Adam Sam (verified owner)

    I ordered 14, and loved them so much I ordered 14 more. I kept forgetting I took them because theres no gut rot.

  115. Chris (verified owner)

    Well I can officially and whole heartedly say that the gummies are the way to go. I did real shrooms today and glad I only did 1g. The hangover after the initial come up was unbearable and made me long for another bag of gummies. My favorite thing about a mushroom high is the silliness one feels. Comparable to being drunk but not sloppy, anyway that feeling was abruptly and constantly overrun by an overwhelming fatigue that I had all but forgot about. Long and short, Crystal of the Gods is a technique young Jay has mastered and the result is nothing short of amazing.

  116. Jean-François (verified owner)

    Great product,deliver well

  117. Groovy Panda (verified owner)

    This is truly an amazing product. This is my second time ordering and I am once again very happy. I strongly recommend. Amazing experience.

  118. Ben (verified owner)

    This is the best way to injest psilocybin that I’ve come across. They actually taste good and forget about the gut rot, it just doesn’t happen when you eat these. The cum up is much faster than traditional mush. And the come down is very easy, the high just floats away after 4ish hours and you don’t feel super tired. One of my favorite things for midday trips

  119. Francis Beliveau (verified owner)

    4.5/5 stars

    At first i was intrigued when i saw that Canada Shrooms offered gummies in replacement of the mushrooms themselves. So i decided to try and boy oh boy do i regret nothing.
    The delivery time was great (4 days)
    The taste of the gummies were 10/10
    The tripping time was good (4 hours with 3.5 grams)
    The experience was whelming (not under or overwhelming, just perfect)

    The thing i was not happy about which they have warned was that the gummies melted in the packaging. They regelified after they melted so in order to consume them i melted them again and cut them in parts in order to have 1g of psilocybin per part.

  120. jacksreem (verified owner)

    I havent done shrooms in years.Last time I did was 40 it did not go well.Now I am 57 looking for pain relief…if your looking for pain relief and no big trip just feeling good I recommend 4 of these bad boys. You’ll have a blast with friends over and dont worry you wont be a goof…very clear I kept my wits about me just felt really really good and t peace with the world
    Also it came fast seeing I live in Timmins
    Only down side I would say is if you do it back to back or over a weekend buy lots it take more and more as your body absorbs it.
    Id definitely order these again…but not this time cause Im new here and want to try other product on this site
    I like these guys I think Ill stick around for awhile…enjoy;)

  121. Ashley

    AMAZING! A friend of mine gave me a hummus to try and it was the best and most hilarious trip I’ve had on mushrooms yet. There was no “hangover” the next day and I was totally able to go to sleep that night. Took them around 10pm and was asleep by 2. No harsh come down or anxiety afterwards.

    In the process of ordering some for myself now 🙂

  122. Chris (verified owner)

    Leaving you guys a second review because you rock. Ordered my second batch immediately after finishing my first. Quick shipping and when they arrived I took 4 off the bat. AMAZING. Although I had a bad trip, thanks Covid19 and 90+ day quarantine, it was still exactly what I needed. In addition to the inward reflections and revelations, I had extreme visuals, intense morphing fractals with closed eyes and the walls were just starting to breathe. Not quite heroic dose, but damn close. Absolutely mind blowing product. Crystals of the gods!

  123. Cayo Belec (verified owner)

    Oh my GOD ! and BRAVO ! I took for the first time yesterday – with my husband. We started off slowly and gradually went up to 3 or 4 gummies each over 4 hours. Was Euphoric and ego changing. I am so happy to have found this company – delivery was fast and discrete and the high controllable and unlike anything i have tried. Mushrooms high was always Interesting to me but it would last too long and the side effects were annoying. This product is right on the mark. BRAVO and thank you – ordering again NOW !

  124. Umar Ahmad (verified owner)

    This was the first time in almost a decade that I decided to try magic mushrooms again. When I was Young, i tried it 1 or 2 times and had very bad trips mostly because of mixing it with other things and a bad setting. So I found this site like u all have and saw the reviews and decided to try the gummies. I ordered 3 gummies to start because I was afraid to do more. Canada sent me an extra gummie. (Thank u for that).And so I started with 4 gummies all together. 10/10 experience. Most powerful experience I’ve felt in a long time. Amazing come down. No rot feeling in the stomach. Definitely the choice for anyone trying shrooms for the first time. Transaction & delivery was smooth and convenient. Will be ordering more for sure. Thanks for providing us with clean Psilocybin mushrooms!

  125. Shroomey (verified owner)

    Amazing product.
    Description is absolutely accurate, no stomach disconfort WOOW.
    Had a good time.
    5 gummies was mind expanding and refreshing. Took about 2 hour to fully kick in.
    Thanks canada shrooms.

  126. Andrew (verified owner)

    One is not enough. I would say if you like a good trip take 4 or more. Taste is a 10. Will buy more for sure.

  127. Chris Clark (verified owner)

    Unbelievably good. I was nervous to try shrooms for the first time in 10+ years and was anxious about the length of the high, intensity and all the unwanted side effects (swollen joints, gut rot, etc) so I decided to go with these after reading their description. Wow. Just wow. Amazing product. I took 1 to start and it kicked in within the first 15min. Within 40min the full effects were being felt, so I took another one. Very mild compared to dried mushrooms and perfect for beginners or those looking to jump back into the pool. Granted even with 2, I took a low dose but either way the effects were very pleasant. No swollen joints, no anxiousness, no gut rot, no unpleasant comedown. It was very clean. Will definitely be ordering again.

  128. Clint (verified owner)

    Second review***
    So after receiving my original order and trying the product (shroom gummies) multiple times for purposes of mainly microdosing it was clear these guys were legit and had quality products. So obviously I was more inclined to put in a bigger order. Ordered Monday evening and delivered Thursday (today) morning.
    Upon opening the package I was surprised to see they went above and beyond…thanks!
    I can’t go on Facebook and give props to you guys because of the unfortunate stigma this still has so a second review on here will have to do. These guys are legit. ????????

  129. Clint (verified owner)

    Fantastic. Simple. Great products and pricing.
    1/8 of a gummy every 2-3 days for microsdosing is my sweet spot for mood elevation. Anxiety/Depression/Creativity\Personal Insight.

  130. Cameron (verified owner)

    I took 10 g which is an extreme heroic dose. I ended up having an ego death, which I’ve been waiting to do for a while. I learned a lot about myself, and since these gummies make the high not last as long, it makes it easier to fall asleep later, and also I probably would’ve been tripping for a day off 10 g. Near the end I had a bad trip so I was thankful it didn’t last too to long. The gummies were really tasty, shipping is fast, definitely recommend, and will definitely order again.

  131. Josh (verified owner)

    10/10. Canadashrooms clearly knows what they are doing when it comes to these gummies. If you have difficulties stomaching regular dried shrooms, whether it be the taste, the “gut-rot”, or the nausea that can sometimes be associated with them, look no further.
    Sometimes eating dried shrooms can leave you in a situation where you don’t know how long the high will last but this helps keeps things consistent.
    These guys go down easy, taste great, the high leaves no surprises, and the comedown isn’t an unpleasant experience.
    Great buy, great experience, highly recommended!

  132. Blessing (verified owner)

    My one, and only mush shop!!
    I am too prissy to deal with ANY body discomfort regarding the breakdown of the mushroom (ex. gut rot) so, I choose the gummies all the time.
    The gummies are pure extracted psilocybin, not grounded up shroom matter (like other mush edibles on the market).
    The duration is haft as long compared to traditional methods of taking psilocybin so great for first-timers.
    Customer service is stellar, which is why I am happy to promote this company!!!
    Be Smart, Do Your Research & Have Fun!!! ????????

  133. emmanuel garceau (verified owner)

    woww very great stuff

  134. Kim (verified owner)

    I love these gummies. I am the kind of person who is kind of anxious and a bit apprehensive with my doses, so I started with one to see how I would feel. (I realize the recommended dose for visuals is about 3-5 gummies). The gummie hit me about 20-30 minutes later and it was honestly the best feeling. Super clean, really euphoric, mild visuals, lots of auras. I basically just giggled and felt amazing for about 2 hours, then had a really calm come down, which was such a change from ingesting organic matter. These are A+ and potent. 100% would recommend and will be buying more once I get through my original order!!

  135. Highway (verified owner)

    Tried the gummies. Now am ordering more. Thank the gawd for this company

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