Boredom and Microdosing

Boredom and Microdosing

Boredom and Microdosing

With close to 1 million affected in North America with CoronaVirus as of the writing of this article, we can only expect the measures to get worse and the restrictions to increase.

While there are protests over liberty and freedom, human lives will always mean more.

With that scary opener in mind it causes many problems other than the obviously stated.

With economics taking a hard hit and people not having much to do , anxiety, isolation, and boredom are rueing the day. Historically speaking, the combination and cross contamination of these emotions, people, especially those who have substances around the house can sometimes have very negative consequences.

This isn’t to scare anyone, this is to make you aware and be responsible and to not fall into the easy traps of overuse or overdosing.

Magic mushrooms, and if you’re reading this blog, you already know the powerful effects you can benefit and reap from them. Again, if you’re reading this blog and others on our site, you know that we promote the method of microdosing on a specific schedule to get those benefits.

Now more than ever, sticking your microdosing schedule to continue your benefits is key. It is the key to maintaining your reprieve from depression, heightening your awareness and self introspection and even creativity to keep you on the course of healthy living during uncertain times.

There is a difference between knowing anxiety and feeling anxiety. People tend to look for fixes and quick fixes and fixes that are more powerful than what is ailing them. As promising as it may sound, taking too many shrooms will most likely have adverse effects and can lead to a bad trip…which you will quickly regret.

Check out our previous article of the problems of going on a bad trip

What we can do:

The Shrooms community is a family, we are here for each other at every step. Together we will, with the love and support of our leaders, peers, suppliers, and our neighbors, we will defeat the corona pandemic and we will all be better for it!

Education and awareness are the #1 solution for almost all of the problems we have in the world and this is the time you can help educate the community around you to help through this time period.

There is no better time to educate on anxiety, stress, and depression management and how shrooms continue to prove to be sustainable and healthy solutions to these life crippling ailments.

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