Magic Mushrooms | The Anti-Anxiety Solution of a Lifetime

The Anti-Anxiety Solution of a Lifetime!

The Anti-Anxiety Solution of a Lifetime

Anti-anxiety and depression is a multi-billion a year industry. No shocker there, but when the pharmaceutical company’s objective is to make money more than to help you, it goes into a vicious cycle where the consumer becomes attached to a product that is helping them ‘just’ enough to get by. 

This doesn’t mean that all members of the pharmaceutical community are bad (or at least they didn’t start that way), but years of stigma against natural solutions that are proven to work has caused this great distortion of reality.

There is a European painkiller called Optilgan … it is incredibly effective especially for fever reduction and overall pain relief. The FDA has not approved Optilgan, citing a possible side-effect of febrile seizures. Let’s be super clear, the possibility is reported as 1:500,000,000 chances of getting that according to Israeli data scientists.  

So Why Isn’t Optilgan an Over the Counter Option for Americans?

The answer is money. America won’t be able to monetize this amazing option because it was conceived overseas. 

The same unfortunately is true for anxiety and depression. Shrooms provide anti-anxiety and antidepressant solutions that have been proven to have long-term effects. With thanks to the Canadian Government for studies and acceptance of magic mushrooms, we are proud to be at the forefront of shrooms innovation and microdosing to help our community overcome challenges with anxiety and depression.

Microdosing Mushrooms For Anxiety

A single usage of psilocybin has shown to decrease general anxiety and improved emotional feelings among cancer patients. The study continued to find using these compounds commonly found in shrooms, shows serious improvements in relief of stress and anxiety in people with cancer for as much as five years after it was given.

A research team at New York University‘s Grossman School of Medicine, who were following up after a previous study, found that therapy combined with shrooms had remarkable advantages.

As described by the scientists who conducted the survey. “Majority of participants (71%+) indicated a positive change to their perspective on life thanks to the psilocybin combination with therapy. They rated it among the most influential and spiritually recognizable experience of their lives,”

“Going back into scientific findings from the ‘50s, research is suggesting that psilocybin therapy is a promising means of improving the emotional, psychological, and spiritual wellbeing of patients with life-threatening cancer”.  This effective method has the power to produce a major shift in the mental wellbeing and ongoing care of people suffering with cancer, especially those diagnosed with terminal illness.”  – Dr Stephen Ross.

Much research is still being conducted to perfect the system and method of helping not only cancer patients but the larger community as well, especially those suffering with depression and anxiety but with promising results, we are happy to be living this dream.

Can Psilocybin Cure Anxiety?

Psilocybin and microdosing mushrooms is a great anti-anxiety solution. While microdosing psilocybin may help anxiety, ultimately the underlying stressors, habits, and thought patterns behind anxiety need to be addressed. What psilocybin does is to help bring your body and mind to a place where they feel as though they can tackle the underlying issues causing the anxiety.

You can learn more about microdosing psilocybin as an anti-anxiety solution in our blog post, How Mushroom Microdosing Can Help Anxiety and Depression.

Can Mushrooms Cause Anxiety (During A Bad Trip)?

Microdosing and mushroom trips are something altogether separate. While on a strong mushroom trip you may experience euphoria and feelings fleeting anxiety, microdosing mushrooms through capsules, gummies or other means is a fraction of the dose you would take for a mushroom trip. A mushroom microdose amount will not be enough to give you a ‘high’ feeling and is a safe amount designed to help you as an anti-anxiety solution, or to combat depression.

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