One woman’s tale – How Microdosing Mushrooms Helped her entire life.

how microdosing mushrooms helped her

One woman’s tale – How Microdosing Mushrooms Helped Her Career, Relationships, and Happiness

Stacey Milgrim was in a rut, in and out of jobs and in and out of relationships. She needed a change, a big one. Growing up in a conservative home she never considered anything “risky” like cigarettes, weed, never mind shrooms until one day…

Life was getting worse, not harder and she needed a change, needed a change from everything she knew and trusted. Something to take away the pain and make coping possible.

After some liberal reading which, for the first time in her life came with an open eye, she found that shrooms and its medicinal and beneficial properties can have almost supernatural effects on mental health. So she took the once unthinkable leap…and completed not a one off, but a one-year experiment in which she took microdoses shrooms or what is known as ‘magic mushrooms’ or ‘psilocybin‘ — almost daily.

Again, she approached the “test” as a newcomer to the (wonderful) world of alternative medicines aka psychedelics. Years of therapy only helped so much. As someone that couldn’t hold down a job or a relationship, yes it was time to take the leap.

Mental health was key for Stacey, mindfulness, and personal growth. Over the last 10 years, to improve life, she used and refined everything from meditation, yoga, intermittent fasting, paleo, Bulletproof, ketogenic, triathlons, powerlifting, “lifestyle design”, the “digital nomad” lifestyle, “Getting Things Done”, the principles of rationality, and also, nootropics — or ‘smart drugs’.

Did it help? Probably, but not enough

After a trip to Southeast Asia, perspective on psychedelics changed, and they became a conduit for greater self-awareness. Psychedelics were stunningly attractive in their ability to work through painful emotions of the past. The use of psychedelics had shown various benefits, including reducing social anxiety and addressing things that weren’t even thinkable before.

Believe it or not…Stacy woke up after the first dose of magic mushrooms to find her lifelong fear of public speaking gone. After shrooms, she moved to LSD and MDMA, and traveled to Peru for a series of Ayahuasca ceremonies. That’s how microdosing mushrooms helped her changed for the better – perfect results.

Thank you Canada Shrooms for helping me get there; Stacey from Vancouver, Canada.

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